The End of 2023 Review

3 min readDec 20, 2023


At the close of 2023, I took the time to review the goals I set at the beginning of the year and assess my progress. Let’s dive into the review.

Hard Skills

In early 2023, I established a learning schedule, outlined below:

  • Engage in a production project to grasp Go features.
  • Utilize Python and Java for algorithmic tasks.
  • Acquire proficiency in Solidity for smart contracts and delve into blockchain knowledge.

I’ve diligently pursued these objectives, finding the process immensely enjoyable. I successfully employed Go in a production project, leveraging GraphQL and GORM packages. Go’s simplicity and speed make it my choice for high-performance projects in the future, adhering to its out-of-the-box and robust engineering design principles.

For Python algorithmic learning, I invested in two courses: “” by Techlead and “用圖片高效學程式” by Sam, both of which I highly recommend. Additionally, I ventured into Solidity for smart contracts, benefiting from the wealth of tutorials and examples available online. This effort has equipped me with extensive blockchain knowledge and hands-on experience in developing smart contracts on EVM-compatible chains.

Additional Learnings

I also expanded my knowledge in the following areas:

  • Laravel’s new features
  • Livewire
  • Filamentphp
  • SUI-move

Livewire stood out to me for its simplicity and utility in production development, prompting me to delve deeper into its concepts and design principles. Filamentphp, based on Livewire, proved to be a formidable tool for project development, consuming a significant amount of my time as I explored its capabilities.

The discovery of SUI-move was accidental but intriguing. It presented a challenge as I explored its potential for investor interactions. With a focus on superior security compared to Ethereum and transaction handling, my interactions with the SUI team left me eager to progress further.

Areas of Improvement

However, not everything went as planned:

  • TypeScript exploration

While TypeScript offers advantages for type-hinting and engineering in larger projects, I struggled to find suitable ideas or projects to apply it. I recognize its merits but must await the right circumstances.

Soft Skills

In the realm of soft skills, I focused on:

  • Learning English through Cambly
  • Developing leadership skills for managing 30+ employees
  • Extensive reading
  • Maintaining a blog
  • Initiating and designing projects
  • Regular workouts

My English proficiency improved through two Cambly meetings per week, providing a relaxing and enjoyable learning experience.

In 2023, I assumed the role of Sr. Director of Engineering, expanding my responsibilities to include managerial duties. This shift required learning beyond programming, and I gained insights from various sources, identifying areas for personal development.

Experiences and Achievements

Throughout the year, I accomplished:

  • A visit to the Philippines
  • Purchase of a house
  • Investment and withdrawal in stocks/crypto, leading to expansion
  • Procurement of personal insurance

My key takeaways include the importance of:

  • Identifying and prioritizing needs
  • Planning the next steps in my career
  • Ignoring environmental noise
  • Distinguishing between what’s important and what’s not
  • Evaluating the value of time and resources spent
  • Recognizing the significance of life experiences

As 2023 concludes, I am on track to complete my project and launch the online service beta. Looking ahead to 2024, I have numerous plans to organize and will share them here soon.